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The concern regarding recall bias by the source partners was largely resolved in a prospective study in 144 heterosexual couples with 1 symptomatic partner with genital herpes and 1 asymptomatic partner without a history of genital herpes and without detectable HSV-2 antibody at study entry [11].

In these studies, asymptomatic shedding from anogenital sites was documented in 80%–90% of seropositive men and women, was present on ~20% of days with daily sampling, and was present at even higher frequency during the first 3 months after acquisition of first-episode genital herpes [12–18].Finally, what should we tell our patients regarding asymptomatic shedding and the risk of transmission?Patents with genital herpes should be counseled that simply avoiding sexual contact when lesions are present is not adequate for prevention of transmission and that asymptomatic shedding is frequent and is the most common mechanism of transmission to sex partners.As such, other strategies should be explored in an attempt to further reduce the frequency of asymptomatic shedding and the risk of transmission.Whether the strategy uses a therapeutic vaccine, an immune modulator such as resiquimod applied to lesions [25], an antiviral medication with a different target such as a helicase-primase inhibitor [26], or ⩾1 of these in combination with one of the currently approved HSV DNA polymerase inhibitors, it would seem prudent to first evaluate the regimen in a small, PCR-based shedding study and to only consider another largescale transmission study when more complete suppression can be demonstrated. [24] is limited to immunocompetent adults, their results may also contribute to our understanding of the interaction of HSV-2 and HIV in acquisition and transmission of HIV-1 infection.

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