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For senior citizens, the Big Bear Senior Center is a hotbed of activity. (Actually, I don’t really know but I imagine it is pretty skewed.) I used to enjoy listening to the single older women I knew talking about the amorous adventures of some of the guys working the dating pool there.Anyway, if you want pals and fit into this age bracket–it is a good place to make friends. If you are, or if you have tips for Nick, leave a comment below.Now if he had those vital resources *smirk* I doubt he would have posted the comment.But this is an ongoing problem for many people so I thought I would answer him here instead of in the comment section.During those years there were several places to go dancing and I met a lot of people that way too, but the most interesting people came through the common of interest in animals.Alas, most did not flag my interest (nor did all meet my dating criteria).Finally, the park district offers a variety of classes and you can meet some interesting people in those as well–one of my pals met her current man through the athletics program there. This entry was posted on Thursday, March 6th, 2008 and is filed under Mountain Lake Resort, Small Town Living.

If you have religious or spiritual interests, the area sustains a large number of establishments in relation to the population…just check out the list in the phone book, the last time I looked there were over 20.

Alas, it didn’t get enough support and was disbanded.

The founders actually got people together to support member events and arranged member outings–and I really met some lovely people through it.

Eventually, I left the mountain to pursue a career more in alignment with my degree.

Funny, the dating pool was larger but still sucked.

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However, as usual, at least I had a lot of other pursuits. Upon my return to the mountains I ran a community service project in alignment with a second career (after an accident) and I met a lot of people through it but nobody suitable for dating.

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