Brie larson dating john corbett

Brad was played by Ted King, who prior to “Sex” played Inspector Andy for almost two dozen episodes on “Charmed.” Post-“Sex,” King went on to play hot mobster Lorenzo Alcazar on “General Hospital.”Episode 10: “Belles of the Balls”After a slew of one-night stands, Samantha encountered hotel owner Richard Wright, played by James Remar, a man who initially refused to employ her for her PR services due to her one too many indiscretions.

After a quick game of spin the bottle, Carrie had her first lesbian kiss on “SATC” show with the “You Oughta Know” singer, but Alanis wasn’t the only music star in the episode.Season 4 (2001)Episode 2: “The Real Me”Season 4 kicked off with a bang in its second episode anyway, bringing in guest star after guest star.Comedian Margaret Cho appeared as fabulous fashion show producer Lynne Cameron alongside “boyfriend” Orlando Pita, played by the real-life hairdresser himself.As for Mac Lachlan, he like Slatterly, found a new role as Orson, a husband on “Desperate Housewives,” turning Bree Van De Camp into Bree Hodge. agent Phil Coulson, Clark Gregg was Harris Bragen, a doctor who Miranda picked up when she pretended to be a stewardess during a speed-dating stint.He’ll next be seen in “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2,” this summer. Turns out Bragen wasn’t a doctor at all, as Miranda found out when she cut herself and the shoe-salesman flipped at the sight of a little blood.

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