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They try to pick out the perfect dating outfit, rather than just wearing clothes that make them feel good about themselves.

Our fearless leader Chris, meanwhile, looks a guy who doesn’t need to be charming in order to attract women.

He has four full-time employees, all of whom have completed his ,000 “master class.”As I wonder what qualifies Chris to give dating advice, he tells me that I “look like a socially savvy person.” Not gonna lie, I turn to putty a little bit. According to Chris, however, Zoolanderian chiseledness has virtually nothing to do with attracting a woman. The lesson marches onward.“Attractiveness is about perceived value,” Chris says throughout the class.

At least 80 percent of them say they work as engineers. They try to introduce themselves properly, rather than just saying hey.Then, once the wedding bells ring, you and your chess-master husband can jaunt off in your sailboat, munching sausage and charting a course toward equality!“I haven’t had sex since Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean.”“All my female friends see me as a brother.Now, perhaps I hang out with too many Brooklyn hipsters, but when I first read the seminar’s title, I thought it would be the sort of thing you “go to ironically.” I pictured a room filled with people-watchers and snarky tweeters. The guys (about 20 in all) are genuinely interested in learning something.Most are 25 to 35 years old, with a few college- and retirement-age gents mixed in. Overall, though, these are not un-dateable hell-hounds.

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