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I have a suggestion that might improve your web site: Consider grouping tips by genre, check out John Truby’s web site as an example.

Note: The following conversation takes place, eyes forward, looking at the STAGE (where festivities are beginning) the entire time. It doesn’t happen overnight, or even within a few months. You’re on the right path now, and if you just continue, you’ll get there too. Watching a blank screen (with modifications) by Kenneth Lu Hi, I really appreciate your screenwriting tips.

In the Crazy Stupid Love spec screenplay, Fogelman opted for the montage: JACOB’S “I’M THE ONE WHO WANTS TO BE WITH YOU” MONTAGE: – Jacob and Hannah are instantly inseparable, doing everything “couple-y” and “un-Jacob-Palmer-y” you can imagine. That’s the only way to achieve maximum emotional impact. Instead, he acts like the grown up in the situation, offering his dad comfort and support–which means there’s no conflict. I guarantee you that every scene in your script right now could contain even more conflict that it already does. Do you see missed opportunities to increase the conflict? Cal sits on this for a beat, looks Jacob in the eye – it’s real.

After the kickbutt climax, which is basically a smackdown between Cal and Jessica’s dad (and a whole host of other characters), the screenplay had this moment between Cal and his son Robbie: Tracy follows after them. TRACY The miniature golf thing would have been cute. (then, turning to Jacobowitz) She’s all yours, David. They do have their place and they can accomplish their purpose. Again, something intimate and vulnerable, and something completely different for Jacob. (I should note that the spec screenplay had part of this scene, but it was much longer in the movie.) If you’re writing a romantic comedy, don’t automatically scrap the montage. (imitating) “She’s my perfect combination of everything, Cal! He STANDS, calms down, and throws his hands in the air…giving up. If you hurt her, I am prepared to shoot you in the face. They’re a rom-com staple, but they’re not the only way to show your main characters falling in love. WILLIAM (pause) You’re lovelier this morning than you have ever been. It’s moments of intimacy and vulnerability like that–not a montage–which make people want to see a movie over and over again. I heard them say the things they said, and do the things they do, it all just seemed so…so pathetic. Soon, he’s hysterical (we saw his daughter’s laugh evolve like this once). Showing a scene of non-sexual intimacy and/or vulnerability between your characters can be as, if not more, effective as a montage. If you do want to write a scene like the ones I’ve described, make sure your character is being vulnerable in a way that is specific and unique to himself. ” and Robbie replies with disgust, “go home, dad.” This little switcheroo maintained the conflict–and now Cal has to repair another rift, in addition to the ones he has with Emily, Hannah and Jacob. (then) She’s my perfect combination of everything, Cal.

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– They jump to their feet when someone hits a HOME RUN. After talking all night, Jacob falls asleep, and Hannah tucks him in. The reversals in this scene convey, far more effectively, Jacob’s change of heart than any montage could hope to accomplish. I ordered a Colt 45 on a shady internet site, I can show you the receipt.

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