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This policy holds true for readings that are prepared then refused or rejected. If you are a "stumped case" and are due a refund and think it's late, please contact me by phone and tell me. There occasioally small delays with refunds if I have a lot of them.

In stumped cases you will be getting a "stumped talk" that runs 5-10 minutes and this is usually recorded. I have never had any interest in Nazism and I think they ruined Germany.

Further, locational astrology is the most accurate form of astrology, period. And it has been my concentration, sole focus, and passion for 25 years." Hi Julian So I went to south of France to the places you recomended me... I do trust my intuition and that i am guided here for a reason, because i love it here. Linemaps, you see, give no information about your house of children, the house of money, and a great many other things.

I have not touched a linemap with my hand -- or even gazed at one on paper or on screen -- for over 20 years.

Since offering it I have given over 1,000 recommendations. I have no criminal record and have never been accused of any crime.

Only 2 movers have claimed a refund (Both duly refunded.) No other locational astrologer offers such a guarantee or assurance. I grew up Catholic, am pro-Christianity and even more pro-Yoga.

Left: She's enthused about her first trip to the location. G."I consider the Jim Lewis astrocartography map -- and all linemap products -- to be a really bad technique, unreliable, misleading, and even dangerous.

My clients typically get excellent short-term results AND long-term results. Even Jim Lewis, the inventor of the astrological linemap, died young because he moved to a bad location!

I am definitely a fighter, especially when a worthy cause is pressed upon me. I originally began the study of locational astrology trying to benefit my family. At times my voice sounds very relaxed because of my meditation, which I do almost constantly.NOTICE: Possible "Stumped" Outcome If Julian can't find a locational solution for at this time you will not receive a reading and will be charged for his try and refunded the rest.In most "stumped" outcomes clients receive valuable information just the same.Long-term results are more important than short term, however, good short-term results help you have faith that the location will be good for you. And funny there were 2 people traveling and staying in caves where I live in La palma last winter, and they both live around here.. I would never use any kind of linemap to decide where to live, for myself or my clients.Traveling there at my recommended times opens up doors, produces positive Findings, and acts like 'good potting soil.'"Locational astrology is the master key to understanding everything about your life, good and bad, and to certainly and surely changing your life in definite and selected ways. More specific around the towns Mirepoix and St Girons. You really know what you are doing I see :) I am very thankful. I moved to Alaska using one and it was a major disaster in terms of my children.

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His residence for 10 years there was an historic Mediterranean Villa built by Mead & Requa, on 5 solitary acres, in the hills overlooking Ojai. and Europe Clients include couples, families, professionals, and highly successful individuals, including some famous.

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