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Likewise, men, women like being catered to occasionally.Get in the kitchen and whip up a romantic at-home dinner for your woman.A couple who can respect each others dreams and chase them together is a couple that will have a strong, lasting relationship.4.Be realistic, optimistic and willing to put in the work.Making mistakes is inevitable because, um, you’ve never done this before!It can take a really long time to figure out exactly how you should act when you’re dating someone.

Your first relationship is the time when you figure out how to deal with all of those crazy emotional relationship-y things.

But remember that you can ALWAYS say no and you should when you don't feel comfortable. I was CONVINCED that my first BF and I were going to get married.

I never listened to anyone who told me I was wrong... You'll feel this way and honestly, you probably won't end up getting married.

Eventually, you'll realize that sometimes, it's best to keep certain relationship issues private.

Source: Shutter Stock Just like it's hard to say what you want, it can also be hard to say the word, "No." Especially when you want to please your new boyfriend.

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Source: Shutter Stock Did you make these mistakes in your first relationship?

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