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This week’s cover of National Enquirer shows a photo of a disgruntled Ellen De Generes, and her wife Portia is smiling like we haven’t seen her smile in a while.

The headline screams, “220 Million Divorce: Portia Leaves Ellen For A Man! Or not so lucky man once Ellen De Generes tracks him down?

“I was in the closet,” she playfully shouted as she exited a coat closet in one scene. characters were often tragic—think Tom Hanks’s Oscar-winning performance in —or, more often, nonexistent. The title was a red herring to prevent leaks, but came with its own meaning.

Mark Driscoll, who was also an executive producer on the fourth season, said that he remembers the excitement on the staff as the season began to inch toward an episode that hoped to break new ground on a hot-button social issue. With so few celebrities out of the closet, those who were open faced discrimination. As Danish-British comedian Sandi Toksvig revealed in 2014 , she was fired from a 1994 charity event because, according to Toksvig, the organizers didn’t want Princess Anne, in attendance, “to meet a lesbian.”On March 14, 1997, “The Puppy Episode” taped at its L. As De Generes explained on an anniversary episode of her talk show, which airs Friday, “The writers told the executives that they wanted me to come out, because my character needed to be in a relationship after four years of not being in a relationship.

The episode had garnered A-list guest stars, including Laura Dern, who was cast to play Ellen Morgan’s love interest, Susan. Billy Bob Thorton and Demi Moore also appeared in a dream sequence in the episode.So, maybe Ellen should take a page out of Portia’s book and try to move on as well. and said, “I decided this was not going to be something that I was going to live the rest of my life being ashamed of.”Hours after the Oprah interview aired, De Generes’s charismatic bookstore owner character, Ellen Morgan, followed suit, coming out as gay in a one-hour, two-part episode of her sitcom .Savel said she even fielded calls from other A-Listers including Woody Harrelson who wanted to be included, but there were no more parts to fill. I saw a shift in her gait; I saw a shift in the way she carried herself.”The official “coming out” moment was tinged with De Generes’s famous sense of humor.Savel remembers Oprah sitting inches away from the screen as she watched the playback of her scenes as the therapist.“She started to cry. As Ellen Morgan said the words to Dern’s character, she accidentally hit the microphone on an airport loudspeaker—a historic moment that got a laugh, too.

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