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James tries to break up with his high school sweatheart (Jennifer Garner) who visits from Wisconsin.(Guest stars: Stephen Colbert as Frank, and former mayor Ed Koch as a city councilman.)Michael is uncomfortable being newly single with assistant DA Danielle Brinkman (Courtney Thorne-Smith).Paul meets the president of his fan club, Claudia Sacks (Faith Prince), who has arranged the "group's" first meeting.Carter and Stuart have a little too much to drink and end up in an uneasy situation. As the Mayor's 50th birthday approaches, the media react to rumors he is having an affair.After announcing a crackdown on public access pornography, the Mayor is caught on tape, entering an x-rated video store.Mike and Nikki fight over who can spend time with Laurie.I was too young and starstruck to notice anything but that she was pretty. Benet did it in an awful and tragic way, like "bye, going to the loo" ...bang! Tammy Bruce her g/f, also had moved out of her apartment prior to the suicide. I'd say Susan Flannery and those two girls on One Life to Live I think or, was it General Hospital? Link I've started watching DOOL in 1972 even before Deidre Hall was on it!

It must have been in the late seventies/early eighties. She was one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen in person. What about other soap actresses that are rumored/are queer? Benet did it in an awful and tragic way, like "bye, going to the loo" ...bang! Tammy Bruce her g/f, also had moved out of her apartment prior to the suicide. There's certainly more evidence that they're a legitimate lesbian couple than Sharapova and Camilla Belle.Claudia moves in with Paul after he suffers a leg injury.Mike is attracted to his opponent, Mayor's wife's divorce lawyer, Laurie Parres (Paula Marshall).Ah DOOL, while others (younger) knew their sexuality by their obsession with Lynda Carter, I had a crush on Susan Seaforth Hayes - Julie. Kathleen Turner started out on The Doctors as well, and the main thing I remember about her is she had bad (yellow) teeth. Turner was another one with an incredibly sexy voice. The story talked about how Deirdre had moved the woman in with them and they had become inseparable friends.It was one of those "old-style" Enquirer outings - very tongue-in-cheek, an article that the typical clueless hausfrau would read and think, "oh, how sweet", but that someone a little more worldly would read and see it for what it was.

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Anyway, the first story line I remember Deidre Hall being in was one where she was married to Don Craig - old timers will know who I am talking about - and her twin sister (IRL too) assumed her identity and but was killed by a serial killer. She was competition with the other (lesbian) counselor on the show - character name Laura Horton. I was a Fanny Flagg, Lily Tomlin, Cher fan very early on. I think Susan Flannery was on The Doctors, and she was hot.

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