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Libra: There is good understanding between these two air signs.

With lots of charm, they work hard to keep the union harmonious. Gemini is naturally mysterious, and Scorpio hates secrets.

If trust is broken, it will be difficult to mend fences.

Sagittarius: Intellectual pursuits, freedom of expression and personal space attracts these signs. Capricorn: Gemini chills and Capricorngets busy, a basic difference in energy. Aquarius: These two airsigns can hum together walking along life's path, no matter where it may take them. Pisces: This is an extremely compatible intellectual connection.

GEMINI LOVE MATCHAries: There are challenges as Aries is a doer, and Gemini is a thinker.

An unshakable relationship, there values are aligned,emotional and material security.

Leo: This match can work, but not without compromise.

They need mutual love and purpose can last the distance. The Arian brashness does not sit well with Virgo's sympathetic nature. As long as they keep talking, they're a match made in heaven! Although there is caring, they can tip toe around each other, which can mean they are destined for heartache. Their energies are different and move at a different pace.

Cancer: Ruled by the Moon, Cancer can often be too sensitive for Aries, taking their comments and actions too seriously. Leo: As fire signs, these two are in sync, and have a good understanding and knowingness, almost like a code they and only they, understand. Capricorn: Capricorn loves the excitement and change Aries brings to the relationship but they are opposite; they steadily climb the mountain to find success. But there is romance and passion, which can keep them coming back to each other. Comfortable and loving; at times they don't even need anyone else. Gemini: Gemini can be loud and flirty and Taurus subdued and solid.

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Libra: These two can either boost or squash each other. Sagittarius: There can be differences, and when the crab is hurt they pull down the shell, sometimes never to come out again.

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