How to set up a speed dating event

The event was a success because the young men and women involved were able to meet more potential partners in one night than they would have in one month of typical dating.Organizing a speed dating night for you and your friends can be relatively easy if you plan ahead. Consider whether you want to do this at your house or one of your friends' houses.Everyone has heard of speed dating, but few are clear on how it can be applied in an organizational context. A fast, fun, safe, and comfortable way to meet people from another department; 2.Not only do events like this build professional relationships, but they also contribute to building a high-trust culture. A chance to learn something new about your organization; 3. An opportunity to build stronger interdepartmental relationships; 5.Perhaps provide a light snack and sodas to get them to linger.

You'll first want to come up with a name that you will operate under (a "DBA" name, so to speak).Read one question at a time, which participants then discuss in their pairs.When the event is finished, encourage the guests to stay and enjoy themselves in the venue. Does one part of the organization not really know what the others do?Are relationships across teams not collaborative or even contentious?

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You can start with your single friends and then branch out, asking people to invite single friends.

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