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I can book meetings with the ladies that I like and been corresponding with from the Anastasia and charmingdate sites or use one of these full service agencies that will cost more of course but pay for peace of mind.I am sure other men might be facing similar issues and decisions.The Ukraine has a beautiful landscape, well paved roads and a look and feel that is pleasing to everyone.The people of the Ukraine are the same, they are happy, friendly, helpful and kind to everyone they meet.Keeping tabs on who's dating whom is a full-time job, but somebody's got to take a stab at it, right?For the greater good/useless pop-culture knowledge of the people, we've put together a social register, if you will, beginning with Kim Kardashian and (somehow) ending with a Cyrus who's not Miley.So this is an issue with all the full service agencies it seems.

My disappointment with the agency in Kharkov was when I did not find any lady from their agency, I asked them if they can arrange meetings from the anastasia site since I am already there, they said they will not deal with such sites.

The reason for my disappointment is that although they know each lady personally, the agency had limited number of ladies for me to meet.

I think this is the drawback in using such agencies, a man is limited to the ladies registered with that agency.

As for me, this is one of the biggest mythes about Ukraine that it is an unsafe country, and that the crime rate is very high.

The truth is crime is found everywhere, and the incidents within the Ukraine are at the same level as countries such as the United States, Germany, Canada and many other Western countries that are considered to be safe places to travel, visit and live.

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Surely, it is very convenient, because they offer you a variety of services such as renting an apartment or arranging dates with Ukrainian ladies. There are many services like these three I found on the Internet.

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