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The factors that made a perfect text from a guy were: asking someone to do a specific thing at a specific time, this was the main thing; another thing was having a little bit of sense of humor involved; and the third thing was having some callback to a previous interaction or conversation, to make the person feel like you were engaged with them, and this wasn’t some generic text floating around. Those are the things that really seem to get a good response.2. It’s kind of weird finding that middle ground, but a little bit of that stuff does work; it’s just the way our minds work. All those basic psychological principles, it’s hard to fight.8. —biancaibanezb via Buzz Feed AA: It’s harder to break up now, a lot of people told us, because you can’t escape your exes. They’re on your Instagram account, they’re on your Facebook page, and, even if you unfriend them, they’re friends with some of your friends. And so many people are compelled to see what their exes are up to. So if you have a photo of, say, you and your boyfriend on a trip to Hawaii, photoshop someone else over your boyfriend, like maybe Sonia Sotomayor. They’d want to message back and forth so much with people to see if they got a vibe, and it’s like, well, none of that matters.AA: That’s the perfect example of the bozo text that a lot of ladies seem to be frustrated by, which is just like, “Hey, what’s going on?” And again, if you’re a dude — if you just say, "Hey, let’s go do this specific thing, at this specific time," you’ll have such a better chance of actually meeting up. —nfogie via Buzz Feed AA: I think from our conversations with women, it seemed like the best thing to do is just being pretty straightforward about what you want in those texts — saying, "Hey, it was fun hanging out, would love to go to that sushi restaurant we were talking about." Just that!The most interesting lady — I think this was actually on Buzz Feed [Eds. ] — this woman said that she took all her old photos of her and her boyfriend, and she photoshopped Beyoncé over all the pictures of her boyfriend. Or you’re at the beach— not with your boyfriend, but with Jason Statham. Oh, remember the time I went to the Statue of Liberty with Jon Snow? What are the “red flags” in a relationship that you look for, to know a relationship is not going to work out?" And all the women said guys would say just, “Hey,” “What’s up? But in the context of a woman’s phone — where there’s all this other, similar nonsense from other guys — you just come off really boring. It’s annoying that that stuff works, but it kind of does.

I have these people in my world, and I have to make sure I'm hanging out with the funnest person, doing the funnest thing, so let me just lightly see what people are up to — and then you just end up doing nothing at home.11.

"Your family really scares me." Either the constant contact, or the gruff father, or the crazy sister...

there's some aspect here that he will never name (you don't mess with a girl's family) but it scares the sh*t out of him.2.

"I have occasional doubts about us." No one in a relationship is 100 percent sure all of the time.

Mostly he's head over heels for you, but once in a blue moon he does a double take while contemplating your future.6.

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