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If a group name is not specified when writing information, then the information is added only to the highest priority group for which the tag name is valid (however, the information is updated in all groups where the tag already existed).The priority of the groups is given by the list above." - Open Photography Forums Requires Perl 5.004 or later.

This thing will suck the last bit of metadata out of whatever image file you throw at it!

(But note that the characters Hint: Options may also be added to the "Target" property of a Windows shortcut for the executable.

Using a shortcut has 3 advantages over adding options in the file name: 1) different shortcuts may be created without requiring multiple copies of the executable, 2) characters which are invalid in file names may be used, and 3) the shortcuts can be given more meaningful (and convenient) file names.

See the -n option in the application documentation for more details.

Note: Changes to PDF files are reversible because the original metadata is never actually deleted from these files. Exif Tool prioritizes the following types of meta information when writing: Many tag names are valid for more than one of these groups.

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