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"), for the "height-blessed"; Date My Pet.com, if your dog is the center of your life; and Ashley ("When monogamy becomes monotony! And now, thanks to Greg Prosl, a backcountry snowboarder and competitive mountain biker from Seattle, there's also Single And Active.com—a hookup hub for adventurers and athletes.

Prosl, 41, says he launched the business in the fall of 2004 after suffering one too many online encounters with women who shared none of his outdoor passions. You don't need to take complicated personality tests or bare your soul about why your last boyfriend/girlfriend didn't like your cat, why you don't want to have long talks after shagging, and what celebrity you most resemble.

I was sick of dating fussy intellectuals and well-groomed metrosexuals obsessed with pedicures and designer jeans.

It was time to find a mountain man, a guy who could chop wood, rappel down an ice face, and run a wild river.

But friends assured me that dating online was cool, safe (if you're smart), and—considering the numbers—completely logical."The double kayak has a long history of being the marriage boat or the divorce boat," he yells. Stiller points us toward what he calls "the nest of ferries," a challenging 250-yard sprint across the main ferry thoroughfare between Manhattan and New Jersey."If the person in the front isn't setting a good pace, then the person in the back has a hard time staying on stroke. Meanwhile, powerful currents are sucking us backwards into something that looks like Charybdis on crack. I can't decide whether it's because he's the strong and silent type or because he's so scared he can't talk."I think it's too hard! To avoid hitting the wakes—or, worse, getting plowed under by one of the vessels—we have to carefully time our crossing."Only half a dozen of our regular clientele can successfully make it across at rush hour," Stiller announces cheerfully.I'm going to Guam next week."Single And Active males, meanwhile, aren't just men of few pixels; they're men of few words. Have you heard of the young man in Nepal who has been meditating in the forest for six months without food or drink?Maybe they're so busy climbing in the Alps or running rivers in Colorado that they've lost communication skills. but I'm far away in India," writes one guy, who adds, absurdly, "Are u planning to be here soon? "I suddenly picture myself in the Himalayan outback surrounded by yaks and a chanting, bony husband. ONE UNSEASONABLY warm morning in late fall, an e-mail arrives from a backcountry skier who's chosen an obscure vegetable for his screen name. One shows him tearing down a slope, knee-deep in snow.

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