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A source says that Universal executives concluded it would be unwise to spend the million to million that it would take to release theatrically.

Part of the appeal of Blum's low-budget model is that the films don't necessarily need a significant theatrical release to turn a profit.

Nick Offerman was taught to swing a hammer and countless other tools by his Dad, his grandfathers, and his Uncles Dan and Don of Roberts Brothers Farms.

In theatre school at the University of Illinois, he used these skills to begin working in the scene shop, under the tutelage of Kenny Egan.

No cancellations after 48 hours of ticket purchase; cancellations will only be honored until March 31st. ) on a budget under million, was set to be released March 21 in the U. But that has been canceled, according to sources, and Blum, who has a rich first-look development deal with Universal, was permitted to shop the film to other distributors.Having failed to strike a deal, the film now has reverted to Universal, where a source says the studio and filmmakers will explore "creative" options for releasing it.Blum's low-cost model allows for such decisions when it appears that the expense of releasing a movie theatrically might not be justified by the returns.PHOTOS: From ' After Earth' to ' The Lone Ranger': The Box-Office Bombs of 2013 A Universal spokesperson declined to comment on when or whether , Wilson plays a chauffeur who picks up a difficult and devious billionaire, played in a cameo by Chris Pine.

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Every person attending must pre-purchase a book to attend (no 1's). After the great success of his autobiography, "Paddle Your Own Canoe," Offerman now focuses on the lives of those who inspired him.

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