Representing and validating digital business processes

The Issuing CA is a CA that issues certificates to end entities.For security reasons, these two roles are normally separated.The other reason to have the second tier added is so that if you need to revoke a number of CAs due to a key compromise, you can perform it at the Second Tier level, leaving other “branches from the root” available.It should be noted that Second Tier CAs in this hierarchy can, like the Root, be kept offline.

The various tokens obtained from the “Get Document Signatures” activity are used to write the e-mail.In addition, Laserfiche Workflow 8.3 comes with three digital signature activities that allow you to make digital signatures an integral part of your business process: Here is how you can incorporate these activities into a basic contract management business process.The contracts department at Laser City manages all proposals and contracts submitted to the city.A digital signature is a way of indicating that a document is authentic, has been signed by a particular person, and has not been modified since the signature was applied.Laserfiche digital signatures allow users to automatically sign and validate documents directly in the Laserfiche Client or Laserfiche Web Access.

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The Policy CA can also just be used as an administrative boundary.

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