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The same public scrutiny undoubtedly will happen with Belcher, so while the window is open, there needs to be a serious conversation about the broader issue of violence toward women, especially by athletes.

Many people are struggling to comprehend how Belcher -- who while attending Maine was a member of Male Athletes Against Violence -- could have done something so horrible.

Mc Pherson, a member of the College Football Hall of Fame who works tirelessly with male athletes about rejecting this culture, believes the NFL isn't in a position to seriously confront violence toward women -- even though the league addresses domestic violence at its annual rookie symposium, has strengthened its personal conduct policy and recently had quarterback Eli Manning appear in a White House public service campaign with other athletes to raise awareness of domestic violence.

"It's easier for the NFL to wear a pink ribbon and say they support women that way as opposed to aligning themselves against violence," Mc Pherson said.

Many people are shocked because this tragic story involves an NFL player, but according to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, nearly one-third of female homicide victims are killed by an intimate partner, and in most cases, authorities discover that the abuse began long before a fatal crime occurred.

At this point, we don't know the state of Perkins and Belcher's relationship.

People keep searching for provocation, as if a scenario existed that could have warranted Belcher shooting Perkins multiple times in front of her 3-month-old and Belcher's mother.

It also raises questions about how violence against women is marginalized by the legal system and how some coaches, based on the weak punishments, desensitize athletes to the issue."If they align against domestic violence with a feminist organization, they begin to chip away at the image that is a direct link to their fans." Domestic violence advocates circulated an Internet petition in an effort to convince the NFL to have players wear blue to honor Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October -- which also is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.The NFL chose to support Breast Cancer Awareness only, something the league has done for years.Cases similar to that of James or Chris Rainey -- a former Florida running back who was initially charged with aggravated stalking after texting a former girlfriend "time to die" in 2010 but later pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor -- make you question what kind of message women are being sent about the value of their lives.Sports is supposed to teach men the proper values -- leadership, teamwork and accountability -- but locker rooms also sometimes promote a twisted sense of masculinity and pander to jock culture that is firmly rooted in being anti-woman.

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  1. And that should concern you even if the plight of someone like O'Kimosh really doesn't, because pushing prison time above and beyond what's required for public safety and/or rehabilitation is how we exacerbate America's mass incarceration problem.

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