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2006) Archer Lancer - Lance (2007) "American Heiress" - Matthew Wakefield (36 eps. 2007) Killer Movie - Nik (UK, 2008) Flirting with 40 - Kyle Hamilton (TV, 2008) "Lipstick Jungle" - Kirby Atwood (18 eps.

2008) Robot Battle - Lee (post-production, 2008) Legend of Hell's Gate - Eigson Howard (in production,rumored) Sources for above: wiki, imdb Robert Buckley is best known as the steaming hot topless photographer, Kirby Atwood in Lipstick Jungle.

“She was also very supportive of him even when her friends were skeptical of him because of his past.

Van Santen frequently shares pictures with her She even shared a cute picture of two on her Instagram on the occasion of Buckley's Birthday with a cute message.

In the shared post she mentioned the actor as "my dearest clever handsome" and shared about their eight years of friendship.

Not only Van Santen but the actor also shared a picture of them together on his Instagram on 26 July.

Due to the series of cute pictures that they have shared on Instagram, their fans are confused about their relationship.

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Robert Buckley regularly works out in the gym to keep his body in best shape.

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