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The Welsh captain had been criticised by some quarters for arguing with the referee over his decision to send Neil Taylor off for the horrific challenge, but Williams insists he didn’t see the incident and only realised it was Coleman stricken on the turf afterwards.

“I didn’t really see the tackle,” Williams told Everton’s website.

His only hope of getting away from the hunters and police on his tail is Bree, a human woman who not only knows a lot about Shifters but has great compassion for them.

Things are more complicated than they seem, though.

After the game I went straight into their dressing room to speak to James Mc Carthy and he told me Seamus had gone to hospital and had broken his leg.

You can un-follow a listener at any time to stop receiving their updates.’ That was when I went over to him.” Although he was pictured comforting Coleman as he was stretchered off at the Aviva Stadium, Williams said he didn’t fully realise the severity of the injury until after the game.“Even at that point I didn’t know it was so serious.All Bree knows is that he's compelling, needs her help, and most intriguing of all, wears no Collar.Seamus Mc Guire fears he has gone crazy - feral - and become a killer.

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Williams, who moved to Everton from Swansea at the start of the season, said Coleman helped him settle into the club and the pair have developed a close relationship.

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