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Lisa advises only speaking on the phone once or twice.

Keep the conversations brief, as you have hopefully already done a lot of the get-to-know-you pleasantries via email.

But with some pointed tips from Lisa, you can avoid falling into one of these dangerous scams.

The first step to spotting an online scammer is by carefully examining their picture.

Remember, phone conversations that last too long put you at risk for revealing precious information about yourself.

Each year, women (and sometimes men) spend thousands and thousands of dollars falling for and paying manipulative online dating site scammers.Look for specific props commonly seen in these types of photos.Perhaps the man is holding a bottle of wine or beer, wearing sunglasses, sporting a fancy hat or standing in front of a beautiful building. Lisa advises keeping the emails between five to 10 maximum with any one person.It can be a tricky – not to mention, heartbreaking – situation.Scammers are masterful at forging a connection with you and making you feel loved and understood.

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So, how do you put yourself out there and make new connections in the over-50 dating scene?

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