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His definition of “reasonable lifestyle” has changed but he’s blaming it on price increases. None of these things has anything to do with the soaring cost of living, which is the entire premise of his article. Diving, biking, golf, collecting antique maps and in my case photography. Photography is one of the more expensive hobbies and it’s easy to sink a lot of cash in.Further making his point harder to accept as a critique on what Thailand has become is the fact that a good chunk of his expenses were for hobbies and travel. Even a weekend away in a neighbouring country can cost a chunk of change and if you look at a few days in Singapore or Hong Kong, it adds up. So spending on international travel and hobbies rounds it out to about a million baht a year.

But the truth is that the cost of living in Bangkok has soared over the past five years.

OK, so with my monthly spend of 64,200 baht, I am still well short of the million baht a year I said I spend. Dinner for two invariably costs a couple of thousand baht, irrespective of whether it’s dinner and a few drinks at The Londoner, a hotel buffet and a couple of glasses of wine or dinner at one of the French or Italian restaurants – and we’re not talking the high end spots here.

If these numbers sound high, just look at the high end venues where these numbers wouldn’t even cover a main course.

, Stick, the blogger behind one of Bangkok’s oldest expat blogs, Stickman Bangkok, announced that he’s packing it in and calling it a day after writing about Bangkok’s naughty nightlife scene and publishing glamour photos of bar girls for 19 years.

The blogger, a man from New Zealand named Nick who keeps his identity semi-concealed and boasts legions of farang male fans, moved back to New Zealand a few years ago after selling his site to an investor.

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