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The pilot says not to jump, that they're not at a high enough altitude. While eating his breakfast steak, Hale discusses company matters with his associates. Reddy informs him that TF Industries is on the phone for him.

Hale jumps anyway and crashes through a window into his office, where he is met by his employees, Mr. He quickly receives the phone, thinking that it is the Administrator, whom he addresses as 'Helen'.

But when staff told them names of intersections, the officers “were unfamiliar with street names immediately around Parliament Hill.The person on the other end is revealed to be Miss Pauling calling about the weapons.Hale says that he has some incriminating evidence that he could use some more finger prints on, and Miss Pauling accepts.He rejects both offers, threatening that if he is asked to kill his friend again he will stick his boot so far up the Administrator's ass it will be on the news.The Administrator questions the friendship and plays a video of an image of the Demoman with a robotic voice-over saying that the Soldier is a bad friend.

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