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I ask because it seems odd that activating the ability but then not doing anything else would suddenly cause you to no longer be concealed.is it possible to implement a silent takedown ability ? I do not know much about this game, I'm new to xcom 2.not sure if this is an issue with the mod or payer error, but when I upgraded to plasma swords, my vortex blades were all transformed into vanille 3rd teir melee swords, any fix? i encountered a glitch, when i tried to sell a katana looted from a grimy's loot, the katana didn't disappear, i tried to do it a second time to see if i would get money again, and i did.i have yet to open another box to see if it happens again with an item outside your mod. Although i would like to express some of my concerns if you allow me.The ornate katana was available for players in the United Kingdom who purchased a 90-day membership card between 8 of July 2011.According to the Update FAQ, the katana will also be used for other promotions, and was able to be obtained a second time by purchasing a 30 day subscription through Game's GAMEwallet scheme.Is activating Silent Takedown, but never actually attacking or moving through concealment squares, supposed to automatically break Concealment at the end of the turn?

And if someone gets enjoyment from blowing aliens away with every shot as they've bumped up aim and damage then who's it hurting?Speaking of dmg updates, you've stated that increased melee weapon damage was necessary for keeping up 1.4 LW2's melee trend.Although one way or another, almost all of your melee weapons had already brought their own superiorities upon vanilla or LW2 melee weapons.maybe coming from a utility item like a seringe available after a specific autopsy or maybe from researshing stun lancers that would allow a soldier to silently beat the living sh! @mutant: You're right about it not being the place for this, but one last thing for the lore-friendly part: If we were to go there, they DEFINITELY wouldn't just be standing there doing nothing when you run up to them.But, yes, as you say, let's just leave this topic away from here.

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