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But know if we’re gonna get a PS3 update would be even better….when’s the last time we had one, December?Oh and yeah, a screenshot option would sound kick [DELETED] (I’m a show off, I like showing what themes I’m rocking, lol).Evn if its as simple as the message box turns red or something to let you know you have mail with a number or something next to it letting you know you have multiple emails or request.I’ve had people send me a game request or something and i don’t see it for hours or a few days later.I agree you would hope their would be some small bit of functionality apart from just a security patch.Well I don’t really mind but I am hoping this also means that a nice big patch will also be coming along for the PS3 that will fix that dang remote play problem that most people have with the PS3 turning on automatically when used via the internet. The security flaw requires you to knowingly and manually put files on your memory stick.Hi, everyone, I wanted to give you a quick heads up that a new PSP firmware update, v5.03, will be released soon.This is a small update that improves system software stability during use of some features.

I’ve tried two psps and two different routers and its never worked.1.50 EBOOT Download: 1.50 EBOOT Once you've downloaded it, rename it as 150.PBP If your PSP firmware is 1.5, then read the following: Introduction - What is it and what can it do? PBP (You may already have one of these from your DCv3/4/5/6/7/8 pandora setup.PS3 – Voice Cross Chat to at least 4 people on a Phone Chat..kinda like HOME but would beable to do what we want while on the PS3 Phone. “Screen Shot Ability for when ever we want, playing music, videos, internet, games, anytime anywhere please.” ——————————————- PSP – And to add…. ——————————————- PSP – Add some more Divx Support for us also!

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Ok, everytime you post about PSP updates I ask for the ability to take screenshots when ever we want, to be honest I am tired of asking for it how about you just implement it and I wont ask for anything else PSP related again. Screen shot ability for when ever we want, playing music, videos, internet, games, anytime anywhere please. if your gonna make small updates like these atleast throw in divx support! psp has soo much potential and i hate to see it go to waste.

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