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We have extensive experience in cases involving minors and have helped clients achieve great case outcomes in CSC, rape, and sexual assault cases.We understand the stress that wrongful accusations can place on a person and will work to answer every question you have about the legal process while guiding you through the best steps to take throughout investigation and potential trial.A statute of limitations determines the period after an alleged offense in which charges can be filed.For sex crimes involving a minor, including sexual contact with a person under the age of 16, sexual abuse of a minor, or sexual assault, charges can be filed either within 10 years of the incident, or up until the minor’s 21st birthday, whichever is later.If convincing DNA evidence is involved in the sex crime case, specific cases may be exempt from the statute of limitations, or the statute of limitations will be extended to 10 years from the time the evidence was uncovered.For Michigan rape cases involving a minor, there is no statute of limitations.According to a 2011 “Romeo and Juliet” law, anyone convicted of statutory rape with an alleged victim between 13 and 16 who consented to the sexual act (even though they have not reached the age of consent), may be exempt from sex offender registration if they were no more than 4 years older than the alleged victim at the time of the offense.Contact Grabel & Associates now to fight back against criminal penalties and defend your freedom.

Even if you are in a consensual relationship with the person at the time of the offense, you could face Criminal Sexual Conduct (CSC), statutory rape, or other sex with minor charges in Michigan.Additionally, sex offenders will be registered on the Michigan Public Sex Offender Registry (PSOR) for a period of 25 years to life depending on the degree of the CSC offense.In some statutory rape cases, the defendant may be exempt from PSOR registration requirements.Contact a lawyer now if you have been accused of sexual contact with a minor or if you believe you may be charged with a sex crime in the future.Statutory rape charges occur when the accused has any sexual contact (including, but not limited to, penetration) with a person under the age of 16, regardless of any consent given by the underage minor.

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