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Rossum combined her vocal and acting talents to become a star at 18 in the film adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Born in New York City on September 12, 1986, Emmanuelle "Emmy" Grey Rossum was raised solely by her mom, Cheryl Rossum, a corporate photographer. Despite not having siblings, she became a part of a much bigger family after joining the Children's Chorus of the Metropolitan Opera at the age of 7.The youngster found herself singing alongside the likes of Plácido Domingo and Luciano Pavarotti.

I always wanted a picket fence growing up, but I was raised in New York City with a single mom so I didn’t have that.

We’re not allowed to have sides or minis [a version of the script that includes only the scenes being shot that day], so unless you want to be the dork who’s carrying an entire script around, you need to know every word. People are red-carpet stars, and I’m not sure of their profession—now you can be a celebrity without doing anything. I always have my eyebrows combed when I leave the house. We love talking about acting, technique and script analysis, and we help each other. You couldn’t find someone more focused, happy to be there or sober on set.

[You have to be] much more prepared across the board. [To Macy] You must have it with [Macy’s wife, actress] Felicity [Huffman]. I saw very hip, cool people make fools of themselves when they saw Felicity. I don’t know if it’s right for all couples in this business, but it works for us. There’s no ego, and for someone who’s had your kind of success and the cool roles you’ve had, your humility is really amazing. You come in on your Harley-Davidson happy to be there. Rossum’s styling by Penny Lovell for The Wall Group Macy’s styling by Linda Medvene Makeup by Christy Coleman for The Wall Group Rossum’s hair by Frank Galasso for soloartists.com/Joico Design Collection Grooming by Stephanie Hobgood for Exclusive Artists Management Manicure by Beth Fricke using French Quarter for Your Thoughts (on hands) and Give Me Moor (on feet) by O.

Speaking of Felicity, you are known for having a solid marriage in Hollywood, which can be challenging. One of my favorite moments with you last year was when it dawned on you I’m number one on the call sheet, and you’re doing all the work.

t creator, 37, who have been dating for two years, got engaged over the weekend in Los Angeles.

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Born on September 12, 1986, actress Emmy Rossum spent her childhood singing at New York's Metropolitan Opera.

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