Who is stevie j from love and hip hop dating

We would almost assume Joseline is faking her pregnancy at this point, as some fans believe, or at least put the odds around 50-50.

Steven Jordan, Stevie J or “Steebie”, however you decide to flip it, is undeniably a womanizer.

If they did, it didn’t last long because just days after his former fake wife gave birth to their daughter, Bonnie Bella, Stevie J has been spotted with a new lady friend and it’s not Faith.

The Faith Evans seemed to evade Stevie J when he tried to take their friendship to the next level.

Joseline Hernandez Stevie J’s latest lady is Joseline Hernandez, an ex King Of Diamonds/Onyx Atlanta stripper.

Eve Ruff Ryder rapper Eve and Stevie J were the pair of the millennium until Stevie J was accused of leaking an intimate tape between them. According to reports, Stormey has two children with Mr.I don't think any type of planning can prepare you for it. It's people that don't know you, and they're only seeing a glimpse … " Faust told Global "You're seeing a few minutes of a show, and you're making judgment. For people to pass judgment in that aspect, they think I know what he's doing. Although a number of viewers have blasted her on social networking sites for repeatedly cheating with him while knowing about his involvement with Faust, she has also been subject to widespread gender speculation. And hey whoever don't like it, they can stop looking!Although she has already confirmed that she is a woman, critics continue to speculate if that is true which has left Hernandez feeling hurt and "confused.""I've never even heard that before. I don't understand, I'm confused," Hernandez told blogger Jasmine Brand."I'm beautiful and a lot of women would pay thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars to look like me. But I know they not, cause they love it too," she added.Oh, and he also molests his own daughter with Mimi Faust, if you take Joseline's word at face value (which we highly suggest not doing). If you don't want people to assume that you got your co-star pregnant, a more firm response one way or the other is probably preferable. After the news of Joseline's pregnancy surfaced, Stevie J spoke out and said "Time reveals all things," which some took as a denial. It's unclear, but there's a lot of shady stuff going on with these VH1 stars, for sure. Stevie hasn't had the best track record himself when it comes to the truth, but to say Joseline plays fast and loose with it is an understatement. Recently, Dro sat down for a radio interview, and the rapper asked not only about hooking up with Joseline, but if he fathered her child.

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