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An 8hp model also took part without success; this being the first two cylinder model with wheel steering, but this car did not survive.Between January 1897 and October 1899, an unspecified number of cars were made and sold, probably all three wheelers, with the first four wheeled car being sold in November 1899. acquired Wolseley’s car and machine tool business, and set up the Wolseley Tool and Motor Car Co. in a former cycle factory at Adderley Park in Birmingham.Their trademark was the so-called ‘bee-hive’ radiator, constructed of finned tubes which wrapped around the front end of the car.The important models were the 5 and 6hp (single cylinder), 7.5, 8, 10 and 12hp (two cylinder) and various larger four cylinder cars, including the famous racing cars.You certainly weren’t interested in buying a Renault, because it’s bloody French. Of course, if you are bothered by such things — and why would you be, because having fun in a car is flamboyant and therefore almost certainly foreign?

One of the first 4 wheeled cars, the 3.5hp Voiturette built in 1899 was awarded a Gold Medal for its performance in the Automobile Club’s 1,000 Miles Trial in 1900.So you don’t need some electronic German barking orders at every roundabout and T-junction. It must also be said that by modern standards the handling is extremely poor.You want it to be the 1950s all over again, because Britain was great then, apart from the lung diseases. The steering wheel is connected to the front wheels by what feels like a bucket full of rapidly setting cement, and there are some alarming levels of lean in the bends.In 1914, another Vickers subsidiary, the Electric and Ordnance Accessories Co. of Aston in Birmingham, brought out a small car called the Stellite. During World War I, Wolseley was active in munitions making; in addition to trucks, staff cars, ambulances and armoured cars, the company built Maybach, Renault and Hispano-Suiza aero engines under licence, developed hits own range of aero engines based on its own and the Hispano design, and built complete aircraft in a new dedicated factory in Bordesley Green, Birmingham.Shell cases made at Adderley Park were shipped to the Electric & Ordnance Accessories Co. factory in Ward End, Birmingham for filling, and Vickers sold this factory to Wolseley in 1919, who then took over production of the Stellite cars.

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The oldest surviving record ledger starts with car number 47; it indicates that orders were accepted in the autumn of 1900, but the earliest delivery date is in March 1901.

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