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During this period, the winning side earns bonus Command Experience Points, as well as their Light or Dark Tokens when they earn Command Crates.Galactic Command Galactic Command is both an access point and progression system for content in the game.Günter Born collected extensive information on issues on his German blog.This article provides you with an overview of the issues and suggested fixes in English. Note that most have not been confirmed by Microsoft.

If your character is aligned with the winning side (e.g., your character is Dark side, and the Dark side won the war on your server), you will reap the following benefits: Your galaxy will remain in a “victory state” for a period of time before the war resets.

However, this time, the losing side will have an advantage to try to swing the balance back in their favor.

During the “Victory State”, that side’s influence can be seen and felt throughout the galaxy.

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Light side meter shown at the bottom of the Galactic Command interface.

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